Picture taken by YOSHIAKI MIURA for The Japan Times

After waiting for almost a month in uncertainty, I was finally able to get “an appointment” at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau in order to get a new Residence Card. This one would last for about 6 months and is given to those who graduated this year from a University in…

July 21st, 2020

春 (Spring)

Four years have passed since the first time I arrived in Japan to start my major at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. The graduation ceremony was going to be held at the Kinugasa campus on March 21st of this year and my time in Japan would come to an…

On the left a western looking man on his late 20s, on the middle a Korean grandmother, on the right an asian man on his 30s.
From left to right, Chang, his grandmother and his brother Maisong

Modern Love Chronicles

January 1, 2020. Beomkyu [Kevin] receives an official notification. He has 15 days to return to his homeland and register in the compulsory military service. Otherwise, the next time he steps on South Korean territory he will be handcuffed at the airport and sent directly to jail…

Life lessons and other insights

Photo by MIKI Yoshihito via Flickr

Working as a cashier in a coffee shop might seem just another ordinary job. However, since I started working in Tully’s Coffee I have been coming back home with a lesson each time.

In Japan, one can expect impeccable treatment from the salesclerk to the company’s owner, as the country…

A great life lesson

Kameoka Half Marathon, Japan 2018 by simplekyotolife

“If I only had a car or at least my bicycle… this would take much less time” I thought every time I have had to go somewhere on foot

I used to be one of those people who over-managed time, setting speediness as my criteria for making choices. This criteria…

a path for self-acceptance and fully living one’s life

February 2018, coming back to Japan

“You know that if you suddenly get appendicitis you’d need emergency surgery and it would take 2 days for your mom to arrive to Japan, right?” said my counsellor at the time

Culturally, Venezuela is a country whose society revolves around family, and staying in one’s parents house until marriage…

what have I learned from having a Korean boyfriend after two years and a half of living in Japan

Kevin and I in the Katsura River in Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan

When I decided to move to Japan for studying both, strangers and people close to me told me that living in a place far away from home where I didn’t know anyone and where I wouldn’t be able to communicate with others- wasn’t a good idea. On the contrary, these…

Elisa Ovalles V.

Seeking for amazing life experiences and new environments. In love with languages, nature, art and yoga. I make videos on Youtube.

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